A New Header

Feb 10

I’m still learning a lot about WordPress (the platform that this site is built on) and the theme that I’m using for the site, too. After a bit of reading in the support forums over at Elegant Themes, I manged to update the header on the site, so that it’s a cool photo of Mykonos, Greece. I’m quite proud of myself for getting this done on my...

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Feb 05

Today, I learned how to add photo galleries to WordPress and also how to create sub-menus, so I added several galleries to this site and they’re now available under the ‘galleries’ menu – all in all, it was pretty easy. I’ve managed to learn quite a bit about WordPress recently and I’m feeling really good about that.

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A Brand New Look

Feb 04

After lots and lots of searching, I’ve found a new theme for my site. It’s called Personal Press and it’s by the fine folks at Elegant Themes (they’re working on another new theme that I like, too – so this may get another facelift in the near future!). I’ve still got a few things to figure out – like adding some graphics,...

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A New Doorway

Jul 12

Welcome to the new Random Doorways! After lots of deliberation, I’ve made the decision to migrate my site to WordPress. I will be migrating as much information as possible from the old site (which isn’t available online anymore) to this new home, but inevitably some info will be lost. Hopefully it won’t be too much. So until the dust settles, feel...

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